How Ricoh’s PTI Acquisition Expands Marketing Options for Customers

Ted Takahashi

Ted Takahashi
Senior Vice President, Production Print Global Marketing Center, Ricoh

In recent years, many of our customers have expressed a desire to branch out into multichannel marketing solutions, hoping to stay ahead of today’s competitive marketplace by combining the value of print with established and emerging digital channels. Your demand for services such as web-to-print and targeted marketing solutions will only continue to grow, and we realize that you’ll need intuitive and seamless solutions at the ready to help you stay on top of your game.  But how can you make that jump?

Ricoh, working closely with recently acquired PTI Marketing Technologies, is here to help. PTI, a premiere software-as-a-service marketing asset management and marketing solutions provider, has been helping enterprises and commercial printers improve control of their marketing assets and workflow for more than a decade with impressive success.  Now, as we further strengthen our relationship with their team, you – our customers – will see increased benefits as PTI’s excellent set of tools are more fully and seamlessly incorporated into Ricoh’s array of offerings.

Ricoh has long been committed to helping customers leverage leading marketing and business development tools to help them quickly develop and enact more productive and profitable business strategies through initiatives like the Ricoh Business Booster Program. Now you’ll be able to leverage PTI’s marketing capabilities in collaboration with Ricoh’s software and services to expand your portfolios from just one print channel, such as direct mail, to a full spectrum of multichannel communications, driving value and growth for your businesses and your clients via multiple points of attack.

PTI MarcomCentral

PTI MarcomCentral

This acquisition has further cemented our working relationship with PTI, augmenting its global engineering presence and support systems while further improving our ability to provide you with unmatched end-to-end production print solutions for customers. That means more solutions to fit increasingly varying market demands, working toward comprehensively fulfilling your business’s specific needs – no matter the size of the business or the need – in ways we could not effectively pursue separately. We’re excited to serve you in this newly expanded capacity. To learn more about how we can work with you, please visit

- Ted Takahashi

Senior Vice President, Production Print Global Marketing Center, Ricoh


Ricoh’s Customer Innovation Center Fosters Collaboration, Conversation

An interview with Ryan Kiley, Director of Strategic Production Services, Ricoh Americas Corporation

interact cic

Ricoh experts speak with customers in the Customer Innovation Center at this summer’s Interact User Group event

At Ricoh, we realize that each of our customers is unique, and no two organizations are exactly alike. Our recently launched Customer Innovation Center exists to explore our vast portfolio to find a connection between a customer’s specific needs and Ricoh’s capabilities.  The goal is do to do this through collaborative efforts, two-way conversations and hands-on demonstrations. Ryan Kiley, Director of Strategic Production Services at Ricoh Americas Corporation, shares with us the vision for the Customer Innovation Center, why it was created and what the customer feedback has been to date.

What devices and types of jobs can a customer see at the Customer Innovation Center? 

The Customer Innovation Center offers customers and potential customers the chance to see Ricoh’s complete line of production engines, solutions and service offerings in action. That includes the recently announced RICOH Pro VC60000, RICOH Pro C7110X, RICOH Pro C9110, RICOH TotalFlow BatchBuilder and TotalFlow Path. Customers can also experience multiple lines of InfoPrint 5000 and solutions such as the award-winning RICOH ProcessDirector and RICOH ProcessDirector Express, which are components of our Critical Communications solutions suite, along with TotalFlow Prep, Path, Print Manager and Production Manager.  We use and can demonstrate our strategic solutions suite including PTI MarCom Central and Avanti Slingshot. The Customer Innovation Center truly brings Ricoh’s comprehensive, diverse offerings to bear, allowing visitors to see firsthand not only what we have to offer but also how it works and, in the same vein, how it can help them.

How does a visit to the Customer Innovation Center benefit a customer? What will he/she learn there?

In our industry, learning is really what it’s all about. A briefing at the Customer Innovation Center is a collaborative exercise between our customers and the subject matter experts that we bring to the table. Our job at the Customer Innovation Center is to foster communication between these two parties. We learn about the visitor, and they learn about Ricoh.  Ultimately we work together to understand and solve the specific challenges they face, whether they’re looking to fulfill production print needs, workflow requirements, or various business goals – there is no topic off the table during this experience.

At the end of the visit, we trust that they will have experienced the full breadth of our capabilities, which are significant.  We help organizations achieve their business goals by first understanding them.  We then identify and quantify barriers and propose solutions that meet their needs and overcome those barriers.  Hardware, finishing, software and services all contribute to the discussion and demonstrations.. There is a lot to learn about, see and touch here at the Customer Innovation Center.
The learning experience is absolutely bidirectional. If we catch ourselves talking more than listening, we’ll adjust. The entire idea is to be driven by a briefing methodology, where we’re fostering conversation and collaboration. It brings out the very best of both what we can offer and what we can learn from somebody visiting.

Could you walk me through a typical visit?

To start, a visitor will come in and sit down in our Executive Briefing Center, equipped with Ricoh SMART Boards, communication systems and projectors. We sit down together and review the agenda, introduce executive sponsors, engineers, and other resources we leverage to drive a productive briefing. We make sure both the Ricoh team and the customer know what to expect from the visit, which usually lasts one or two days.

Visits will often have a pre-set agenda. To develop that, we’ll collaborate with the customer’s local Ricoh team – no matter if that customer and their local team are based in Iowa, or Israel, or Italy, we work with the team closest to their needs. Our briefing staff will collaborate with the local account team to determine the fundamental goals of the experience. That is, what do we want them to walk away understanding, and what do we want to learn from this experience? Once we know that, then we’ll layer on the additional aspects of Ricoh’s value proposition, so we can ensure that they walk away saying, “I didn’t know Ricoh did all that. But now I want to incorporate it into my operation.”

Once we’ve reviewed the agenda together, our experts will lead conversations about our portfolio, relating their uses back to what we learned about the customer’s environment and needs during the preparation process. This provides both parties a chance to get a greater understanding of the other’s background, and it often highlights Ricoh’s unique understanding of customers’ industries and how we’ve addressed past cases that may share similarities with theirs, and the exchange of information opens things up to a consultative approach.

Some visitors may show up with a particular engine or a software solution in mind they want to learn about, and we’ll certainly show them that, but we do so in context of the fuller Ricoh portfolio, without distracting from their stated mission. Seeing our hardware, software, solutions and services all working together to accomplish actual goals often opens up new avenues of collaboration in customers’ eyes, which is always great.

While at the Customer Innovation Center, visitors will see the solutions we use to run the print center day to day, but we can also demonstrate our available solutions and equipment that may not be called upon for that day’s regular jobs, so visitors can see those specifically. If they’d like, we can run their jobs on their paper to show exactly how our portfolio can handle their needs, while making operators, engineers and architects available to answer any questions they may have.

What actually happens day to day at the Customer Innovation Center?  What makes it different than other showrooms?

While Ricoh has dozens of show rooms around the U.S. that focus on demonstrations and education, the Customer Innovation Center goes beyond that to operate as a fully operational print center. It doesn’t exist behind plate glass for you to look at. All of the samples that find their ways to our sales professionals around the world are produced in that room, so it’s not quiet. It’s not pristine, and it’s not a museum. Every process in there is operating at high capacity and high quality, and people can see that for themselves.

Not only do visitors get to see Ricoh’s solutions at work, but they also get to speak with operators, engineers, and architects that worked together to develop the platform they’re now considering for purchase. No matter how deeply a visitor wants to dive in, we can provide that knowledge from someone who was involved in its development firsthand and works with it day in, day out.

Do I qualify for a visit? How do I book one?

Any interested party can visit the Customer Innovation Center. We see visitors from Fortune 500 companies looking to keep up to date on the latest developments, and we see visitors from very small businesses. To book an appointment, contact your local Ricoh production printing specialists or visit

Leveraging Printed Media to Stand Out: Ricoh at SGIA 2014


Vivid, vibrant graphics in unconventional formats can go far in differentiating your company from the competition. Understanding the business importance of wide-format graphics to our customers, and wanting to further engage in the space, Ricoh made its debut appearance at this year’s SGIA Expo.

We picked a great year to go. Interest is really heating up in specialty printing and imaging, and this year’s show proved it: it was the most heavily attended SGIA Expo yet. That made for an exciting show experience, but it also drove home just how important standing out has become. Of course, Ricoh came prepared, displaying the RICOH Pro C5100s, the only cutsheet device on the show floor. Show highlights included several of our specialty print offerings, such as our RICOH Pro L4160 wide format printer, and 1to1Create Marketing Services, our turnkey cross-media marketing campaign tool for small and medium-sized Print Service Providers.

Some of the features on display at the Ricoh booth included:
 Multi-channel strategies – In today’s competitive environment, companies need to know how to affordably and efficiently produce multi-channel, cross-media campaigns that are creative, engaging, and personalized. To this end, Ricoh demonstrated how our campaign management software makes it easier to produce consistent, impactful collateral across a variety of channels.
• Diverse output capabilities – Standing out is easier when you have more ways to express yourself. With the outstanding seven-color printing like that found in the RICOH Pro L4160, you can print on clear and backlit substrates, utilize an increased color gamut and offer more to your customers.  At the show, visitors saw oversized print output with white and clear inks, along with seven-color printing on diverse substrates.

Taking advantage of these capabilities can help you stay current, remain competitive and address rising trends to meet current customer needs and also grow your business. Campaign management provides especially vital opportunities toward those ends. Given the increased role marketing trends are playing across all of print (including specialty graphics), it’s crucial for you to offer more than just an outdoor portfolio. It’s important to have a comprehensive set of solutions in place that allows you to offer customers a complete personalized marketing package that incorporates signage as one element of a print and digital campaign.

To learn more about Ricoh’s specialty graphics solutions, visit Ricoh’s Production Print site at

- Annette McCrary

Director, Production Field Marketing, Ricoh

GRAPH EXPO 14 Day 2: “Ricoh is the place to be”

Yes, that was a comment heard many times over the course of Day 2 of GRAPH EXPO 14. One attendee even said “Now that I’ve been here, I don’t need to go to any other booth!”

Ed Wong PresoThings kicked off with Ricoh’s Ed Wong, director, product marketing, Ricoh Production Printing Business Group, speaking about the transition from offset to digital on the Deciphering Digital panel hosted by Hal Hinderliter. Joined by Konica Minolta, Canon and Mutoh, the panel dove deeply into ways that analog printers can break the barriers of entry into the digital world. Ed, who started out long ago as a pressman’s helper, could easily relate to the audience.  He spoke of how print technology has evolved so quickly over the last two decades, availing very advanced technology at a very cost effective price point. Ed’s insightful advice to the print providers included using technology to increase their range of services, and to identify unique applications printers can offer to expand their businesses.

Ricoh 4160 Facing LeftBack at our booth, the Ricoh metropolis really picked up steam with many attendees very interested in seeing the RICOH Pro L4160, our wide-format color printer designed for sign shops and printers providing large display-type print jobs. It offers superior print quality and color matching that’s vital for printing brilliant signs, banners, wraps, and point of sale displays in vivid color on a wide range of substrates. Seven-color printing – CMYK, orange, green and white aqueous latex inks – offers an increased color gamut and the ability to print on clear substrates and backlit substrates. The printer’s aqueous, toxin-free latex inks are also environmentally friendly.  In the booth, visitors are experiencing its output with special finishing provided by the GBC Spire laminator.

Busy Booth at Imagine ChangeThe new RICOH Pro C7110X and RICOH Pro C9100 series continued to attract attention as well, with visitors eager to learn how we help define production that ultimately helps them grow their business.  Attendees were very impressed that the RICOH Pro C9100 can help them break down previously perceived barriers to enter the digital color production print industry due to more affordable pricing, higher productivity, greater media handling capabilities, ease of use and best in class image quality.   The RICOH Pro C7110X series, which was producing output including collateral (brochures and flyers), direct mail pieces (coupons and postcards) and even packaging applications, continued to attracted a lot of traffic on Day 2 as well.

Watch this space for more success reports to come, and stop by our booth #1931 to get in-depth demos of this year’s MUST SEE ‘EM-award winning solutions and our entire ecosystem. Stay tuned on Twitter and Facebook to get live updates on #RicohProPrint at #GraphExpo. (And while you’re there, #RunWithRicoh to win a Ricoh Theta 360-degree camera in our social media contest!)


GRAPH EXPO 14 Day 1: Bright Lights, Big City…Bright Demos, Big Displays

Front Desk Busy BoothRicoh defined production print at GRAPH EXPO 14 yesterday, the opening day of the show, which is the largest US commercial and production print show in North America.  From underneath huge cityscapes surrounding the booth, hundreds of live demos were seen by thousands of attendees.  With seven new solutions announced, and four MUST SEE ‘EMS accolades awarded– a new record – the Ricoh booth was the place to be on Sunday.  In particular, the MUST SEE EMS Best in Category winner 1to1Create Marketing Services, and our new cutsheet offerings, the RICOH Pro C7110 series and RICOH Pro C9100 series were very popular among show-goers.  

C7100 - Ricoh Theta ContestThe RICOH Pro C7100X series is getting visitors excited with its fifth color station, which adds the capability for either white or clear ink.  With high speeds (90 pages per minute printing), high-quality color and low costs, GRAPH EXPO 14 attendees are excited to learn about how these production color printers and multi-function devices (MFPs) can open the door to new applications and revenue streams, ultimately enabling them to grow their business.

C9100 busy demoRubber-necking is a common occurrence on crowded city streets, and the new RICOH Pro C9100 series was turning heads with its feature-rich offering for the heavy production segment.  With speeds of up to 110 and 130 pages per minute (ppm) and the ability to print on media up to 400 gsm, visitors were captivated to experience the RICOH Pro C9100 and RICOH Pro C9110’s high-quality output and learn how it can increase their productivity and reliability, and enable them to make the transition from offset to digital.  It’s not just stopping traffic in our booth, it’s breaking down barriers in the industry.

Unique to the booth this year are live demos broadcast from our Customer Innovation Center in Boulder, showcasing the new RICOH Pro VC60000, our next-generation continuous feed inkjet platform for the graphics communications market.  The booth is bursting with the fullest portfolio of software and solutions on the floor, from cutsheet to continuous feed, from campaign management and workflow software, all complemented by our suite of services offerings. 

VC 60000 streaming demo

To close out the first day, our Latin America team hosted an exclusive reception in the booth, offering customers an opportunity to see and hear demos customized for their market.

Stop by our booth #1931 to get in-depth demos of this year’s MUST SEE ‘EM-award winning solutions and our entire ecosystem, including partner solutions from Avanti and PTI. Stay tuned on Twitter and Facebook to get live updates on #RicohProPrint at #GraphExpo. (And while you’re there, #RunWithRicoh to win a Ricoh Theta 360-degree camera in our social media contest!)

Production Defined: Ricoh Brings the City Streets to McCormick Place at GRAPH EXPO 14!

GRAPH EXPO is once again upon us and we’re back in Chicago for this landmark event, and sharing some exciting news  of our new and updated production print devices, software and service offerings. Our lineup of innovations are (re)defining production at GRAPH EXPO 14 and for the industry, and our booth (#1931) is its own miniature downtown metropolis, full of real world demos!


What will you experience in the cityscape?

  • MustSee'ems_2014.rgb[1]Our MUST SEE ‘EM 2014 award-Winning RICOH Pro VC60000 next-generation continuous feed inkjet platform for the graphics communications market marks a new milestone in the evolution of our production print inkjet portfolio. The new system, coupled with Ricoh’s software offerings, enables commercial printers likes you to more rapidly shift from offset to digital as you focus on data-driven applications and workflows requiring high performance color inkjet presses with vibrant print quality and increased media flexibility.  The RICOH Pro VC60000 is capable of producing more than 100,000 letter images per hour.
  • C9100ad (2)The RICOH Pro C9100 series is Ricoh’s newest high speed, heavy segment production color device family.  With speeds of up to 110 and 130 ppm and the ability to print on media up to 400 gsm, the RICOH Pro C9100 and RICOH Pro C9110 deliver high-quality output, increased productivity and reliability at prices much lower than what is currently available today, further enabling companies to transition from offset to digital.
  • MUST SEE ‘EM 2014 Award-Winning RICOH TotalFlow BatchBuilder is a new, industry-first software solution simplifies and automates the batching and scheduling of short-run digital work for centralized job control.  The vendor-neutral offering empowers users seeking better ways to meet production demands from high volumes of short-run and on demand jobs, while minimizing labor costs, increasing efficiency and throughput, and more effectively managing jobs.
  • RICOH TotalFlow Path is a hardware agnostic offering designed to intelligently connect multiple production print processes ultimately increasing automation. It allows printers to redefine workflows; merge stages of the print process; including applications such as web-to-print; pre-press; print management etc., and enable information to flow swiftly and easily while keeping overall operating costs low.
  • Critical Communications Solution Suite – featuring the MUST SEE ‘EM 2014 award-winning postal enablement feature, this industry-first portfolio now offers a new Avanti Slingshot Connect feature, enabling users to send jobs and JDF information to their MIS system from RICOH ProcessDirector. This updated version of the solution also enables users to archive PDF and AFP jobs, and their associated index information, as a step in workflow before or after print.  This new integrated Archive feature empowers operators to search for archived jobs or documents quickly and easily right from the GUI and then view, reprint or take other actions as needed.  Critical Communications solution suite video series
  • MUST SEE ‘EM 2014 Award-Winning 1to1Create Marketing Services is a cloud-based platform and subscription service aimed to help small to medium sized Print Service Providers create launch, track, manage, modify and optimize turnkey cross-media marketing campaigns. It provides a website portal equipped with the tools, templates and tips needed to execute ROI-generating personalized marketing campaigns. The platform offers solutions to select prepared graphics, target customers’ audiences, acquire mailing lists, set pricing and more.
  • Ricoh’s Color Management Services is a full suite of solutions and services that enable printers to develop an effective color management strategy and meet color requirements from their customers.  These services offer a number of tools to printers including: color gap analysis, color conformance and assistance, G7 master printer qualification service and customer color management. This service was develop to satisfy printer specific training needs and support print service providers, especially those in environments where achieving color consistency and excellence is essential to their business.
  • RICOH Pro C8120s is a production monochrome multi-functional device that aims to affordably meet the needs of a production print environment. It features up to 220 IPM duplex color scanning, 1200 x 4800dpi resolution, and 40 gsm to 300 gsm multi-type media support, empowering customers with greater output flexibility and more cost-efficient print operations.
  • C7100ad (2)The RICOH Pro C7110X series, our latest production cutsheet device family, offers a fifth color station.  With an added station for either white or clear ink, these high-speed, production color devices and multi-function printers (MFPs) enable your shop to expand your application portfolio and deliver unique output to your end customers.  The RICOH Pro C7110X, printing at 90 pages per minute (ppm), is here at Graph Expo
  • The RICOH Pro L4160 is a wide-format color printer designed for sign shops and printers providing large display-type print jobs. It offers superior print quality and color matching that is a must for printing brilliant signs, banners, wraps, and point of sale displays in vivid color on a wide range of substrates. Seven-color printing – CMYK, orange, green and white aqueous latex inks – offers an increased color gamut and the ability to print on clear substrates and backlit substrates. The printer’s aqueous latex inks are also toxin-free and odorless, eliminating the need for special ventilation equipment.
  • The RICOH Pro C5110s sets a standard in value, versatility and footprint. Multiple technologies that include a unique ac-transfer system and elastic fusing belt illustrate outstanding output on a wide variety of textured media. Ricoh’s expanded media library enables customers to easily manage an extensive list of substrates and the key printing parameters to optimize the output quality on each substrate, thus maximizing productivity and image quality.

We’ve strategically designed the downtown metropolis of our booth to showcase how we’ll will help you define production and can reduce operating costs, increase efficiencies and business revenues, all while getting to the heart of your customers’ ever-changing needs.

Stop by our booth #1931 to get in-depth demos of this year’s MUST SEE ‘EM-award winning solutions and our entire ecosystem, including partner solutions from Avanti and PTI. Stay tuned on Twitter and Facebook to get live updates on #Ricoh at #GraphExpo. (And while you’re there, #RunWithRicoh to win a Ricoh Theta 360-degree camera in our social media contest!)

Production Defined: The Importance of Color for Your Operation

In our series of blog posts leading up to Graph Expo, we’re featuring insights from our experts on the topics, trends and more that are defining how companies like yours are evolving and adapting to the production print industry.  In this installment, we speak with Ricoh’s Tobias Saalfeld,US Director of Color Management Practice for Ricoh Production Print.

Many things have changed in recent decades in the print industry but one thing that has remained the same is how businesses handle color – there are businesses who generate substantial revenue with high-end color, while there are businesses that simply aim to provide  ‘pleasing’ color.   The key change in color that the industry has experienced is the increased affordability and versatility of color management tools. Once the domain of only high-end print providers, today, you can subscribe to cloud-based services like Adobe’s for $50 a month and gain access to the same tools used by the likes of Marvel Comics and the NBA. At the same, digital devices have evolved in their versatility and affordability, easily matching the standards set by commercial offset equipment. Moreover, the process of color management in digital equipment has advanced to the extent that it is usually much faster, easier, and economical than on offset presses. The versatility of design, equipment, and color management tools comes with a price – not for products, but for training.
color management

Given this progress, some might ask how important color is in the grand scheme of things.  I think it’s still critically important for businesses of all types.  The boundaries of color matching and color manipulation will continue to be expanded by high-end businesses, especially as traditional print services providers transition to becoming marketing services providers. A crucial part of marketing is consistent branding, and a crucial part of consistent branding is color in order to achieve a common ‘look and feel’ across channels.  Done intelligently, color management can ensure that banners are highly saturated for visibility, brochures look natural, and even a screen print on a T-shirt appears correctly.

On the more practical level, print service providers who are producing ‘pleasing color’ are also starting to invest more time and attention in color management, because it allows them to do so consistently and predictably. At minimum, smart color management leads to improvements in both, operator efficiency and process control, which cuts down on make-ready and production time and ultimately increases the bottom line of any size business.

Ricoh provides a wide range of hardware, software and services to customers with any level of color management requirement. Production RIPs (EFI Fiery, Kodak Creo) contain basic color management capabilities out of the box. To improve quality and user experience at an entry level, we provide our customers with at least an EFI ES-2000 or X-Rite i1Pro2 handheld spectrophotometer for printer calibration. For high-end color management, we’re engaging with high-end color solutions partners like CGS Oris and their Lynx and Pressmatcher solutions.

Color management products are only as beneficial as they are usable.  With this in mind, we’re focused on providing our customers with color management solutions that enable them to run their business and not just a bunch of devices. Ricoh also offers full service color management packages for customers who want to outsource their color management needs. These services are highly customizable and allow any user and any business to receive the full potential of their color products without any color management knowledge or specialized staff.

Ricoh provides color management classes and one-on-one sessions with a specialist force of over 85 IDEAlliance certified Color Management Professional Masters and 16 IDEAlliance certified G7 Experts. These individuals make the true difference in improving a customer’s color management skills and taking your output to the next level.

Want to learn more about Ricoh’s color management services? Read about how our solutions and experts can help you and your company be more colorful:

And stop by our booth #1931 at GRAPH EXPO 14 to witness our color management solutions in action and speak with our experts at the show.

- Tobias Saalfeld

US Director of Color Management Practice

Why Our Customer Innovation Center Will Help Improve and Expand Your Business

Customer Innovation CenterYour customers’ demands are constantly changing, and with the digital world influencing expectations and the way we receive information, understanding these demands and proactively seeking more efficient solutions are key to your success. If you’re facing this challenge, we want to help. And to do that more effectively, we have launched the Ricoh Customer Innovation Center.

The Ricoh Customer Innovation Center provides you with the ability to experience and test equipment while spending quality time with experts who can help customize a solution in order to meet your specific needs – and ultimately, your customers’.

This innovative and fully-operational facility highlights the full line of Ricoh’s production print equipment made available to you including its market-leading cutsheet and continuous feed devices, wide format solutions and software components for transactional, commercial and in-plant printers, among a full portfolio of solutions. Additionally, it allows us to collaborate with you to show you how we can help improve and expand your business so you can support new customers and find new revenue opportunities.

It can be limiting to think about solutions or even map them out on paper without discussing your ideas with others and hearing about possibilities you may not have considered. This is why we also have the Executive Briefing Center (EBC) in Boulder, Colorado, which complements the Customer Innovation Center by providing a forum where you can hear directly from subject matter experts on specific ways that our solutions can help improve your day-to-day operations.

Edward Rothschild, owner of AlphaGraphics in Arvada, Denver and Golden, CO recently visited the Customer Innovation Center and EBC. His feedback of his experience is exactly what we’ve intended: “Ricoh has assembled the most comprehensive set of production print solutions I’ve ever seen and surrounded them with experts ready to listen and collaborate.”

With 170 Customer Showrooms and four Technology Portals throughout the country that offer customers hands-on experience with the full Ricoh expansive portfolio, it’s our goal to bring you together with our experts to solve problems collaboratively. Stop by and see for yourself!

For more information, please visit:

- Ryan Kiley
Director, Strategic Production Services Production Printing Business Group

Production Defined: Integrate Innovation

Kurt Konow, Director, Vertical Marketing, Ricoh

Kurt Konow, Director, Vertical Marketing, Ricoh

As an innovator, you need your shop to be able to keep up with your ideas.  The most agile approach is a customizable one, allowing users to continue to get the most out of your print operations without restricting them to rigid modes of operation. That’s where Ricoh’s 2014 MUST SEE EM award-winners 1to1 Create Marketing Services and Ricoh’s Critical Communications Solutions Suite, both of which will be on display in Ricoh’s booth at GRAPH EXPO booth #1931, can really help your business shine.

1to1 Create is a great way for you to get your big marketing ideas out of your head and into the world. The cloud-based subscription service leverages the technology and experience of Ricoh and PTI Marketing Technologies to make creating marketing materials – like postcards, pURLs, email blasts, and brochures – remarkably easy, not to mention time- and cost-efficient. You plug your ideas into ready-made templates, and 1to1 Create takes care of the most challenging work, giving you the tools, templates and tips to execute a marketing campaign that reflects your unique business without bogging you down in the hours and expenses associated with many campaigns. Graphics Plus, for example, secured a ten percent spike in business for their client after deploying the service. Watch this video to see how:

The award-winning Critical Communications Solutions Suite allows unprecedented levels of customization and control in your job creation process, while ensuring utmost fidelity, helping to ensure what you print is what you envisioned, an invaluable asset for outside-the-box requests. Vendor-neutral and easy to use, the Critical Communications Solutions Suite makes managing your output, your way a snap, no matter how complex the environment.

Want to learn more about how you can implement innovation in your shop? Read more about 1to1 Create Marketing Services and how it can help you materialize your marketing ideas at  Find out more about how to monitor and manage your output, no matter how you want to arrange it, with our Critical Communications Solutions Suite at

And stop by booth #1931 to see it for yourself!

- Kurt Konow

Director, Vertical Marketing, Ricoh

How to Transition to Full Service Marketing Service Provider and Grow Your Business

Are you a print shop finding that the advent of so many digital technologies is creating a demand from your customers for services beyond traditional print offerings – services like Web-to-Print or Targeted Marketing?  Do you see the need to expand your offerings into these areas just to remain competitive and yet at the same time potentially grow your business?  Well, you are not alone.

Today information is king and incorporating digital options into a traditional print shop can be the difference between a successful printer and one that struggles.  Knowing this and facing a client base that began demanding Web-to-Print and marketing services, Pacful, Inc, with the help of Ricoh, spent the last three years working to transform from a traditional print service fulfillment shop into a full-fledged marketing service provider, without sacrificing print quality. For success, Pacful had to find technology solutions that would allow them to place an emphasis on web-to-print storefronts, order tracking and quick response code generation.

With Ricoh, they found a vendor that could provide reliable technology offerings, while helping to ensure a positive ROI.  Pacful installed the MarcomCentral software from Ricoh’s strategic partner PTI Marketing Technologies along with RICOH Pro C901 Graphic Arts+ Edition color production printers. Pacful uses MarcomCentral to deploy web storefronts that give their clients customized solutions that allows access to store-branded content, including high-resolution logos, document templates, collateral designs, contact information, and other digital assets, within their own branded website.

Today, Pacful is a full-fledged MSP.  The combination of PTI’s MarcomCentral and the RICOH Pro C901 Graphic Arts+ Edition, along with its own in-house marketing skills has set the company apart and allowed them to grow relationships and add new customers regularly.

Jennifer Hudek, president of Pacful, sums up Pacful’s success using Ricoh solutions this way: “When clients work in our Web storefronts, they often don’t even realize they’ve left their own intranets. That’s because our print management infrastructure is so well integrated into their normal intranet experience. It’s seamless, and with Ricoh’s support, we’ve effectively become an extension of their marketing team. As repeat customers, they don’t need heavy consultation. They get exactly what they want, with consistent quality and turnaround, every time.”

Want to learn more about how Ricoh’s comprehensive portfolio of production print, software and services offerings can help you transition as well? Please visit

- Ed Wong

Ricoh Production Print, Product Marketing