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Theresa Lang, Vice President Solutions & Services, Ricoh

Theresa Lang, Vice President Solutions & Services, Ricoh

Earlier this year, we introduced the Critical Communications solutions suite –a comprehensive, end-to-end solution that offers the piece-level tracking and workflow capabilities of our RICOH ProcessDirector, RICOH ProcessDirector Express and TotalFlow DocEnhancer platforms in configurations that fit the needs of a variety of businesses.  The use cases of critical communications are often associated with highly-regulated industries and print jobs containing sensitive information, but with this week’s launch of new features for the suite, we’re bringing the advantages of workflow tracking and integrity to a new audience of users.  Exactly how are the latest features designed to improve your workflow, eliminate the headaches and uncertainty of manual processes, and open up new possibilities for making information work better for you and your customers?

  • Easily and seamlessly integrate cameras and barcode readers with Automated Verification Feature.  You no longer need costly equipment or third-party software to add cameras into your workflow.  The Critical Communications  solutions suite now allows you to directly integrate cameras to control equipment such as inserters, booklet makers, cutters and even printers.  Even if you haven’t considered using cameras before, If your workflow currently includes any manual touch points for initiating equipment, you can benefit from making cameras a part of your workflow.  What’s more, Advanced Verification Feature allows you to track individual pieces and automatically reconcile missing ones – a task that can be as difficult as finding a needle in the haystack if you have to do so manually.174486027
  • While you might not have SLAs, chances are you have to meet deadlines for your jobs.  Deadline Tracker allows you to set deadline and be notified when jobs are behind schedule, or predicted to miss the deadline you specified. Often, how long a job will take will be affected by the different steps in producing it, and the traits of the job – which is where Deadline Tracker’s intelligent predictive abilities come to the rescue. For example, preflighting a 1000-page job takes longer than preflighting a 100-page job.  Deadline Tracker dynamically projects how long a job will take based on this information.  In the busyness of work environments that don’t allow you to stay focused on a single task, Deadline Tracker not only tells you when a job is behind schedule, but also tells you if situation is more dire: if a job is so far behind schedule that it will miss a deadline and requires immediate action.  The bottom line?  You can run your business more efficiently, with less surprises, while meeting (and managing) your customers’ expectations. 180448869    
  • If you’ve ever had to split and re-order work just to apply subset stapling or specific media, DocEnhancer Ticketer is the answer your problem.  The new feature uses logic-based ticketing to allow users to interpret print files and then define rules based on the data that lies within the pages of those files.  This means that finishing and media can now be applied in a way that makes the most sense for the job, such as the total number of pages or a page’s position in the document.  No longer are you forced to run all of your two-sheets, followed by your three-sheets, followed by your four-sheets in order to get the right media applied.

But it’s not just about ordering work.  Being able to apply media based on values in the content of the database you’re using for a print job opens up new opportunities for targeted marketing.  DocEnhancer Ticketer dynamically assigns media based on the attributes of the document.  So if, for an example, a university fundraising department wants to specially target alums who’ve already donated with a higher quality paper stock than non-donors, they can use DocEnhancer Ticketer to easily and precisely apply media based on their targeting priorities.


Want to learn more about the newest features of the Critical Communications solutions suite?  View the full announcement here and visit our website to read about success stories from a cross-section of customers like CCS Printing.  And be sure to stay tuned to our blog for more discussions of how critical communications can be used in ways that might not be as obvious as mailing and transactional documents.

-  Theresa Lang

Vice President Solutions & Services, Ricoh


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