The 5 Publishing Blogs You Just Can’t Miss

Books DrawnThe publishing industry has always been a hot topic here at Print & Beyond—and for good reason! Publishers are constantly evolving in order to tackle the latest trends in the industry, which means it has become vital for book manufacturers to take a critical look at their operations and explore ways to extend beyond traditional offerings and capabilities. To address the challenges these manufacturers face, our resident publishing experts have shared their strategies for success in the past year and we’ve pulled together some of their must-read blogs for your reading pleasure. Whether you caught them the first time or are catching up on your reading now, these blogs could change the way you view your business. Happy reading!

For publishers today, navigating the road between the traditional print world and new digital content can be tricky. Can harmony be achieved between both by embracing print and workflow technology solutions? Read on to learn more.

Short runs are here to stay but how can you increase profitability while maintaining the quality expected by your customers? We offer six tips that reveal how short-run publishing can make sense for your business and customers.

Books with Piggy Bank

Don’t let the labor costs associated with manual book manufacturing shrink your bottom line. Read on to learn how to effectively tackle the challenges presented by on demand book printing and ultra short-runs without allowing labor costs to dig into your profits.

Are you getting your fair share of the $24 billion dollar book market? Get the inside scoop on how digital print can help you grow your share of the book market and expand your offerings beyond books.

As the previous owner of a book press with short-run capabilities, Ricoh’s own Rob Malkin shares his tips on how manufacturers can determine which inkjet solution is the best fit for company operations.


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